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A Week In The Life Of Twitter

Twitter must hold the record for most news appearances by a company with 40 employees or less, and the week of Easter (or as they say here in Spain Easter Week) saw more than its fair share of Twitter related stories. So, rather than pull my hair out deciding which to comment on, I’ve decided to post links to my 4 favorites. I hope to hear your comments and feel free to expand on your thoughts as there is no need to limit them to 140 characters.

Holy Twitter!

Despite their theological differences, both protesant preacher and catholic priest must agree that mobile phones and electronic devices are the bane of the 21st century church service, right? Not so!

WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina reports that the congregation of the Next Level Church in Union County tweeted away during their Easter service this week. You can read about it at the WRAL website by following this link:


And Yahoo reports that starting at noon on Good Friday, the Trinity Church on Wall Street tweeted The Passion of Christ — in 140-character messages of course! Over a 3-hour period, faithful from around the world were able to hear the greatest story ever told on their computers and mobile devices. I think Gutenberg would have approved. Read about this one on Yahoo by following this link:


Fresh Baked Scone Anyone?

The Albion Bakery in London and a nearby company that produces a device called BakeryTweet have teamed up to offer customers exactly what they were looking for — dibs on the freshest goods! Tweets like “Lovely loaves just out of the oven. Hurry” and “Hot Cross Buns — fresh and hot like it’s name… come and get them!” are now being received daily by baguette and muffin lovers alike. Read about it at Google News by following this link:


The Teen Who Took On Twitter

I believe that David was a mere teenager when he slew Goliath, so this story has been told before. 17-year-old Michael “Mikeyy” Mooney was searching for a way to promote his own social networking site StalkDaily.com. As of this morning, he will need to purchase some more server capacity as he has had to shut down due to the massive increase in traffic. Mikeyy decided to create a Twitter worm, which attacked Twitter’s network four times this weekend, complete with links to his competing site. With Twitter needing to find a source of revenue, maybe the lawsuit avenue is not such a bad idea. Mikkey might be losing his netbook and ’94 Hyundai soon! Read about it at the Telegraph website by following this link:


And as always, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

I’d like to know:

(1) Which of the 4 Twitter stories did you find most interesting?

(2) Should Twitter ignore or vigorously prosecute the 17-year-old who attacked its network?

(3) Have you seen any other innovative uses of Twitter by businesses or organizations in your area? If so, we’d love to hear about them!

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